Teacher training unit

Welcome to the teacher training website of the University of Lleida.

In direct dependence of the Office of the Vice President for Teaching Staff, this structure manages the permanent training of the PDI, in the form of different activities such as courses, seminars, workshops or conferences.

The training activities include the three main areas in which the work of university teachers is carried out: teaching, research and management.

Each academic year, the unit proposes a Training Plan that is adapted to current trends. This Plan is always openly proposed, accepting new proposals that may come from the centers, departments and research groups.

We hope you find the services provided by the Teacher Training Unit useful. You can contact us using the email address

*UdL teacher training collaborates with the 2030-ODS Agenda Project (UdL) for the achievement of the different Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), contained in the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.